Milo’s Scale


What if someone created a scale to be stamped on the outside of every product, financial and otherwise…. A scale for the consumer….A scale that rated the value of every like product on a scale of one to ten against each other….A scale to be taken up by the E.U. to put the consumer in control.

No more tricks to fool you – no more picking your way through the deliberately confusing offers of competing phone or utility companies and banks, in the slim chance you’ve obtained the best deal. No more scouring supermarket shelves only to discover the ‘Value Pack’, is no value at all!

No more cynical games. How would big business react? Would someone kill…to kill the Scale? When American TV journalism student, Rick Devan, discovers the body of his neighbour and friend, Professor Milo Ferretti, he is suddenly caught up in a rollercoaster of danger, assassination and international pursuit. When his vivacious niece Sophia, his only living relative, learns she has inherited Milo’s work, people begin dying.

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