Have you read the Rick Devan Trilogy?

Milo’s Scale

When American student, Rick Devan, discovers the body of his neighbour, Professor Milo Ferretti, he is suddenly caught up in a rollercoaster of assassination and international pursuit.


Devan’s Debt

Millions of dollars are given by governments to developing countries. Do all the funds reach the right departments or does a percentage line the pockets of well-placed individuals?


Aldo’s Spear

Franco Brunelli, brother of a missing journalist, doesn’t show for a meeting with Juliet Laskey, feature writer for the business section of The Seattle Times. His call to Juliet, came out of the blue…


This first book by Jane Chipperfield shows astonishing proficiency and knowledge of the world of crime. The plot is well thought out and genuinely unique - her scale invention has not figured in any other book I have read. And there's an unexpected surprise at the end, too. Well done . Jane. I look forward eagerly to your next book


A brilliantly written and very thought provoking first novel, plenty of action and suspense. Looking forward to the second Jane.

Quay GirlVery entertaining

Having lost my interest in reading after I had children, Milo's Scale got me back into my previous inability to put a good book down! Fabulous, punchy, complex enough to keep my interest and yet incredible readable!
.....counting down the days for the sequel!

Nicola EllisWow!

The book rattles along at a very fast pace, with several cliffhanging chapters, leading to a highly satisfactory conclusion. After a while, I became more and more engrossed in the story, staying up late to read the final chapters. The novel is not intended as a deep philosophical work: it's a thriller that is there to provide entertainment and it certainly fulfils its goal. I can certainly promise any future readers they won't be bored.

C. K. HarrisonA Rollercoaster Ride of a Book!

About the author of Milo's Scale Devan's Debt Aldo's Spear .

Jane Chipperfield read Classical Civilisation at Warwick University, going on to enjoy a twenty-year career as a Primary School teacher. She left teaching to explore other opportunities, initially studying at Sotheby’s Institute in London.

After her time at Sotheby’s, Jane devised, wrote and presented a series of short programmes for schools. Designed to interest young children in the art that is accessible in Britain, the films give insight by telling background stories relating to pieces featured in U.K. collections.

The last few years have been taken up with writing; initially compiling and editing weekly news pages for websites as well as copywriting.

Her novel, Milo’s Scale, is the first in a trilogy of thrillers featuring Rick Devan. Aldo’s Spear is the latest.

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