Milo's Scale (Rick Devan Book 1)

When American student, Rick Devan, discovers the body of his neighbour, Professor Milo Ferretti, he is suddenly caught up in a rollercoaster of assassination and international pursuit.

The Police are viewing the Professor’s death as suicide, but Rick is having difficulty accepting it. Then it emerges that the Professor has been working on a bar code that would render the consumer marketplace immune to exaggeration or lies.

With transparency the name of the game, big business hits back and the chase is on.

Milo's Scale is the first in a series of Rick Devan thrillers, penned by Jane Chipperfield, a new player on the international literary scene.

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Devan's Debt: Rick Devan Book 2

Millions of dollars are given by governments to developing countries. Do all the funds reach the right departments or does a percentage line the pockets of well-placed individuals?

Rick Devan takes a call from Lars, an old college friend and now, a journalist who is in fear of his life. Lars has stumbled onto a story which has set people after him. He fears he’s punching above his weight and calls on Rick for help.

As the friends meet, a fatal bullet finds Lars; another shot wounds Rick before the killer escapes. The murder commits Rick to a pursuit which takes him to Paris and into a world of blackmail, high-level corruption and assassination.



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